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About Us

Joe Miceli has had a life long interest in photography both as an art form and as a hobby. As a boy growing up in Staten Island, New York, he built his own dark room to develop and print black-and-white photos. Later, Joe earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the College of Staten Island.

After a career on Wall Street in financial services, Joe moved to Georgia and became involved in the real estate photography field, shooting for real estate promotional magazines and a national real estate virtual tour provider. During this period, he continued to increase his knowledge and experience even as the world of photography changed over time. As digital photography took hold in the 1990s, Joe transitioned to this new medium and has become highly proficient in it. 

After several years in the market, Joe launched his own company in 2007 in order to provide more personalized service to his clients. Located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Joe Miceli Photography serves the greater metropolitan Atlanta and North Georgia markets. 

What can Joe Miceli Photography offer you?
• expertise, professionalism, and reliability
a long-term commitment to clients
• personal attention to every shoot, applying suitable techniques and solutions
high quality service and competitive prices                                                                       
The added value that Joe Miceli Photography provides is Joe’s knowledge and expertise and his commitment to customer satisfaction. Driven by his passion for detail and accuracy, Joe has honed his skills to a fine art. Every client’s photography needs are evaluated and assessed based on environmental conditions, and Joe offers ideas and solutions to meet their individual needs.